How many times did you hear the words “Immune” this year?! Hard to guess … but I think we can assume it was more than years before.

With so many Immune products to choose between we hope you’ve considered Ki Immune Defence & Energy Formula to help your customers boost white blood cells and fight off infection.

The blend of herbs and minerals in Ki synergistically work to not only protect us against disease but also increases our natural energy to fight off infections.

Ki’s natural ingredients not only have traditional evidence but also have the support of clinical data. Don’t believe us? Request a Clincal Data Sheet “here” click to email contact

Why does it work? The high dose of high-quality ingredients are the true secret behind the effectiveness of Ki. Review Ki against other products to get a true picture of how much immune boosting goodness it’s packed with.

Hear from Pharmacist, Pindy Janda as she discussed why & how she recommends Ki to her patient

The three herbs in Ki Immune Defence & Energy Formula are well researched and shown to prevent reoccurring infections & strengthens immunity by:

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